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Letter to the Editor: Jesus Spoke to Me...

IN 1996 JESUS SPOKED TO ME AND SAID  FAITH  WITHOUT WORK IS DEAD..I was  hired on the spot  God hold us accountable For Saving His Children.I asked How  do we do  that Jesus ?  He answered,  by gaining their attention, invest in Entertainment He said our children were born with talent,expressing talent leads to confidence confidence leads to determination determination leads to success success leads to safer and stronger communities. 1997 BeRealEntertainment was manifested.2007 B.R.E wrote a Charter targeting at risk children and communities we became BeRealEntertainmentInc a nonprofit organization. My next assignment, Jesus said now tell  it to the leaders of this community..I   tood it to you Mayor Gist you  gave this organization Your Blessings and Support..In  2010 We earned  our 501c3 status.In 2013. I as President of B.R.E.inc  submitted a budget and a plan to you.We also sent a copy of this same budget and plan to 15 churches and 15 businesses.In 2015 I heard you on Community Feed Back saying you and the city was targeting at risk children by investing in talent bringing out any talent they may have ect.I must admit I felt betrayed, disrespected, unestimated, ignored.. like My God wasn't  Real and that made me feel some type of way.During 2015 election Mr.Tim York you visted one of our east jackson black churches you said we should teach our daughters their worth at an early age.You were right Sir and that's just what B.R.E.Inc and as a Community Assistance at Lane College 9yrs  where I assist close ,to 200 young freshman ladies that's more than willing to help reach out to 3rd grade girls in every school in this system teaching CONFIDENCE this can make a difference in teen pregnancy and graduated rate.We  have a plan Mr.York we know you didn't make 2015 Mayor,but you have to care about this issue,don't stop we can use your support  7312174423 is my number. N.A.A.C.P I don't attend many meetings, banquets,church prayer meetings crime marches school board meetings, I use to, don't get wrong I stopped after a few years because Jesus said Faith Without Work Is Dead I realized we were praying for the same things like God hadn't heard  us and given us answers, Well he gave me answers and on may 26 2013 Mr.James Howard Meredith confirmed just what Jesus had been  teaching me all alone , at The N.A.A.C.P  50th anniversary  He said God told him to tell  City officials Churches and Corporations to support the people!! we've supported them forever now it's a new day and time Mr.Meredith said he himself HEARD THE CHAINS FALLING from the people of this community ...Saving Our Children will take the work from all of us,so if I asked you to support this Vision I was supposed to, like 2003 after the tornado I wrote Downtown Development Corp asking them to support B.R.E.Inc after we had prepared our first Mother's Day Extravaganza for Mother's that were victims of Violent Crimes at  TRWHITE we lost decorations our giveaway gifts our soaps and lotions we used for fundraising the food we had purchased was fine I cooked it and served it to the mothers and families that where in the dark We received a grant from you Downtown Development Corp in the basement of The Jackson Chamber were i am a member to this day,we are still supporting Mother's Day to many broken hearted mothers Thank You.We all have a part to play in Saving Our Children . Commissioner Deaton On Mother's Day 2015 listening to Community Feed Back I heard a black man say you were prejudice you didn't care about black people and other things I don't care to repeat then I heard another black man call and say you were  a good man, he worked for you many years and it's not true that you didn't care,about black people so being the intelligent black woman that I am lol i called and set up an appointment with you to see for myself on may16,2015 I drove up to your place of business a little nervous I didn't want to feel uninvited I walked in and there were 3 seasonal white gentlemen on my left as I got closer I heard them say ooooooh who is she she's beautiful  I smiled then told them I was there to see Commissioner Deaton they smiled and directed me to his office were he was meeting with 2 other men, they smiled showed me so much hospitality then we introduced ourselves and we had one the most interesting meeting I've ever experienced.You were very impressed with my accomplishments and dedication and I of yours we shook hands and we promised we would not judge each other through anybody else's eyes.We need your support.to Help Save Our Children . President Logan Hampton, Pastor Watson, we appreciate you so much you are truly sent here for the people of this  community please never give up on us we will become the community God has Created for us.with your ture love, i personally  think you are our charm. God bless you.Pastor Randy at Northside Assembly you are reaching my hood we need you and We thank you  Superintendent Eric Jones God blessed me to introduce B.R.E.Inc to you on Community Feed Back  you said you would reach out to Community 501c3 Established nonprofit organizations with an army positioned ready to make you Proud To Be In Your Position ...Mr Richard Donnell God blessed us with Community Feed Back for solutions whether you believe it or not but B.R.E.Inc leads the path to Saving Our Children 21yrs of good and bad believers and haters  no weapon formed against us shall prosper...B.R.E.inc,S.A.A.C.A Lane College She's A Star and you = Saving Our Children....to be continued! 


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