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Sen. Jackson appointed to Juvenile Justice Reform Implementation Council

State Senate

State of Tennessee


Sen. Jackson appointed to Juvenile Justice Reform Implementation Council


(NASHVILLE), July 3, 2019 --  State Senator Ed Jackson (R-Jackson) has been appointed to Tennessee’s Juvenile Justice Reform Implementation Council charged with  ensuring successful implementation of the Juvenile Justice Reform Act of 2018.  The appointment was made by Governor Bill Lee.  The Council will also be looking to identify additional ways to improve Tennessee’s juvenile justice system. 


“It is an honor to be selected to serve on this Council,” said Sen. Jackson.  “It is vital that we successfully implement the policies set forth in the Juvenile Justice Reform Act passed last year to deter juvenile crime and recidivism.  I also look forward to looking at any additional changes that will help give these youth the tools they need to succeed in life, rather than turn to a life of crime.”


The Juvenile Justice Reform Act aims to make Tennessee’s juvenile justice system more effective, improve outcomes for youth offenders, and increase public safety.  It also promotes treatment services for youth.  The Council has been asked to particularly focus on the prevention of juvenile crime and delinquency with the goals of steering youth who enter the system onto a path to education, job training and toward maximizing their potential as a productive adult.   


Jackson has served as Chairman of the Senate Correction Subcommittee for the past four years.  He has also served as a member of the Second Look Commission which reviews certain cases involving a second or subsequent incident of severe child abuse in order to provide recommendations and findings to the General Assembly regarding whether they are handled in a manner which provides adequate protection to the children of this state.