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A Night of Worship featuring gospel artist Bryan Popin.

On Saturday, July 20th, 4pm, at Englewood Baptist Church, the Union University CRNA Class of 2020 will honor Dr. Molly Wright with a fundraising concert -- A Night of Worship featuring gospel artist Bryan Popin. Englewood Baptist is located at 2239 North Highland in Jackson Tickets are $25 each and the concert also will include locally-known singers in the area and from Union. Proceeds benefit SCORE International as well as two local charities -- The Dream Center and Birth Choice.

The idea for the concert came from UU grad student and former Haitian refugee Yolande Alexandre, who came to the U.S. by boat at the age of 14. She went on the mission trip to the D.R. in January and wanted to do more. She asked others in the class and those in the community to help. They have a video posted on Facebook talking about their experience on the January 2019 trip to the D.R. in January and asking for donations or ticket buys for the fundraising missions concert. Again, students pays their own airfare when they go on mission bearing suitcases of medical supplies gathered by Ms. Wright. The link for their YouTube video can be founded below in Yolande's email to me. Here is the ticket link.

Dr. Wright is professor of nursing and chair of the graduate nursing anesthesiology program at Union University. For years, she has been going to Haiti and the Dominican Republic and taking students on medical mission trips under the umbrella of SCORE International Ministries. She and her husband still go to Haiti but, due to safety concerns, only take students on missions to the Dominican Republic to help Haitians living there. Students pay for their own travel and SCORE arranges the trips.

In her trip to help Haitians in the Dominican Republic, Yolande saw the poverty that would have been her life, and is determined to help make a difference. She moved to Jackson from New York to get her graduate degree or certifications in nursing anesthesiology. Yolande can be reached 516-474-1785.

Concert tickets and donations can be handled through Eventbrite.com.


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