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#MadCoCJC Inmates to graduate "Life's Healing Choices" Program

The next two Thursdays will be rewarding for several local Inmates at the C.J.C.

The Program, created to offer second chances through “Life’s Healing Choices”, will produce a 5th Woman’s Class graduation this Thursday, March 23rd, followed by the 4th Men’s Class Graduation the next Thursday, March 30th.

Both will occur at 9:00 am in Judge Don Allen’s Courtroom on the second floor of the C.J.C. , 515 South Liberty St. in Jackson.

Madison County Sheriff John Mehr and Judge Allen implemented this Celebrate Recovery Program to both help reduce the County’s high recidivism rate and to

turn lives around for the betterment of society, families, friends and employers.

The public is invited to attend and refreshments will be served as family members rejoice in hearing these uplifting testimonies with opportunities for a fresh start.

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