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Check out “Bigfoot/Sasquatch Resurgence of Native American Indian Legends,”

Check out “Bigfoot/Sasquatch Resurgence of Native American Indian Legends,” a 210-page encyclopedia-sized (8.5 x 11in) book filled with the most valuable information ever documented on the subject- from 1603 to present. These most valuable accounts had been documented by some of the most notable figures in the History of North America. And much of what these stories and accounts suggest goes well beyond- what- a dead-body of Bigfoot will not tell us about;  its’ behavior.

This is a non-fiction book about the anthropological objective of Bigfoot/Sasquatch in North America. [Finally!(Being that If there was- any truth- to such a creature- the Native American Indians would probably have a historical record of it as well? And they do. Boy- how they do!)] The book is cited and sourced- from hundreds of literary examples. From the Great explorer Samuel De Champlain’s diary from 1603 (East coast), to Jose Mariano Mociño’s book from 1792 (West coast of BC). To Eskimo accounts gathered from early 1800’s Russian explorers, to stories gathered from Southern California’s Mission Indians by Spanish Priests in the late 1700’s. As well as stories told among Daniel Boone, “Buffalo” Bill Cody, various Reverends, ministers, missionaries, Generals, and even a U.S. President?  Yes (Theodore Roosevelt);  All inside This Book! Cited and sourced from various books on the subject- to uncontaminated accounts sourced from (older) various University texts (having nothing to do with the names “Bigfoot”or “Sasquatch”) that- reveal- the same described creature- by different names- from original (uncontaminated) Native American Indian, and explorer accounts.  

What sets this book apart and makes it unique is that it is a review of several other books. There are direct quotes with the bibliographic info included in the text- right next to the quotes (title, author, year, publishing co., and city and state). All made possible through the “Fair Use Law.” I think it definitely stands-out as the strongest book with the most compelling proof- ever written on the subject.

The book is actually a review of over 100 tribes! Put together in a format with lines that separate some of the various tribes and the litany of newly-revealed, re-evaluated, and (especially) older examples of information.

This book is $39.99, but it has been discounted on amazon.com for only $29.99. (Any interested retailers should contact me directly.) I can send you an electronic sample of some of the book if you would like to review it first. Please contact me via email if you are interested at sasquatchzone@yahoo.com.




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