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#LettertotheEditor : A 23rd Letter to America

Dear Editor:                                       A 23rd Letter to America

God’s command to Mankind has always been, “be righteous and do Good.”

But the history of Mankind has shown the inability of Man to follow God’s Word.

The perverted mind of some call Good Evil, and Evil Good.

After killing eight precious innocent human beings and injuring others, the terrorist in New York city said, “he felt good.”

Why? Because to him evil is good!

Good, because Islam teaches that killing unbelievers gets, not only the killer, but 70 family members to Heaven.  Where the killer will be rewarded with 72 pretty virgins and privacy with those virgins. 

However, the only two places murderers go is Hell, and later the Lake of Fire, where fire, brimstone, and darkness co-exist.

No telling why the Las Vegas shooter thought murdering 58 and injuring hundreds, was good.  Maybe fame!

So why does a large number of American judges, public figures, politicians, and general public, support the evil practice of killing innocent unborn babies?          

They are calling evil good, and going against God’s command to “be righteous and good.”

Repent, and turn away from evil, is God’s will.

Manuel Ybarra, Jr.  Coalgate, OK   Ph.# 580-428-3242   Email:  mybarrajr77@outlook.com   

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