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HHS Releases New Analysis of Marketplace Enrollees in Tennessee

HHS Releases New Analysis of Marketplace Enrollees in Tennessee

Key deadline of January 15th is fast approaching; consumers can still sign up through January 31st

Last week, HHS released its latest enrollment figures showing that 234,222 people are signed up for 2017 Marketplace coverage in Tennessee.  Today, HHS released a new report with detailed demographic, financial, and geographic data on Tennessee consumers signed up for coverage as of December 24, 2016. The new report also finds that more than 11.5 million people nationwide were signed up for Health Insurance Marketplace coverage as of December 24, an increase of 286,000 plan selections relative to the comparable period last year.Today’s report shows that a broad cross-section of Tennesseans rely on the Marketplace to access affordable, quality coverage. Tennessee Marketplace consumers signed up through December 24 include:

·         125,932 female and 108,407 male Tennesseans

·         16,182 children, 61,776 adults age 18-34, 84,150 adults age 35-54, and 72,231 older Tennesseans

·         17,882 African-Americans and 136,915 Caucasians

·         61,537 rural Tennesseans

·         56,675 new and 177,664 returning consumers

“With more than 11.5 million people signed up nationwide, demand for health coverage is higher than ever, and Tennesseans are proving once again that Marketplace coverage is vital to them and their families,” said Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell.  “For Tennesseans who have not yet signed up, it’s not too late. Open enrollment continues through January 31st, but you should visit HealthCare.gov by this Sunday to ensure your coverage starts February 1st. Most HealthCare.gov consumers can find a plan for less than $75 per month in premiums, and millions are finding plans that meet their and their families’ needs.”

Today’s report underscores the importance of financial assistance for Tennessee consumers. 82 percent of Tennesseans signed up for Marketplace coverage through December 24 will receive advanced premium tax credits that lower their premiums by an average of $432 per month. On an annual basis, that works out to tax credits of $5,184 per year for up to 191,772 Tennesseans.


Today’s report also shows that Tennessee Marketplace consumers are actively engaged with their coverage. 109,674 Tennessee consumers, 62 percent of all returning consumers in Tennessee through December 24, came back to the Marketplace and actively selected a plan for 2017.


Open Enrollment continues through January 31st. Last year, enrollment slowed in the middle of January but spiked in the days before the final deadline. Plan selection totals will also fluctuate over the remainder of Open Enrollment as some consumers choose to cancel their plans, for example in response to life changes like starting a new job with employer coverage or gaining eligibility for Medicare or Medicaid.


Consumers have until January 15th to sign up for coverage that starts February 1. With millions of Tennesseans still in need of affordable, quality health insurance for 2017, HHS will continue its outreach to make sure uninsured Americans know about the coverage and financial assistance available to them. Through the rest of this month, we’ll also be running additional TV and radio advertising, sending targeted emails to consumers, and continuing our innovative partnerships with sites like Twitch, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.  And new this year, the IRS will send direct mail to people who went without health insurance in 2015, encouraging them to get covered instead of paying the penalty and letting them know that financial help is available.


An estimated 81 percent of Tennesseans can find plans for less than $75 per month, and the large majority of Marketplace consumers nationwide are satisfied with their coverage and report that it offers them financial security and access to care. Consumers should visit HealthCare.gov, CuidadodeSalud.gov, or call 1-800-318-2596 to review their coverage options, learn about what financial assistance is available, or to sign up or re-enroll in a plan that best meets their needs. 



Five Facts about Open Enrollment in Tennessee:

1.       Since Open Enrollment began on Nov. 1 through December 31, 234,222 Tennessee consumers have selected a plan using the HealthCare.gov platform.


2.       Coverage could be more affordable than you think.  81 percent of Tennessee Marketplace enrollees can find plans with a premium for less than $75 per month Nationwide, about 8 out of 10 people who enroll in health coverage through HealthCare.gov qualify for financial help to make their monthly premiums more affordable.


3.       Shopping for a better deal could save you money. For 2017, HealthCare.gov consumers in Tennessee could save an average of $305 annually in premiums for a plan in the same level of coverage by returning to shop.  If you had coverage through HealthCare.gov for 2016, you should come back to update your information and compare your options for 2017.


4.       It’s easier than ever to find a plan that meets your needs and budget. This year, when consumers come to HealthCare.gov, shoppers will find a stream-lined, user-friendly process. Comparing plans online or on mobile will be an intuitive, step-by-step process to click or swipe through. Simple, easy-to-understand presentation of plan features like cost-sharing and provider networks will help consumers find what works for them.


5.       Help is available. Free, confidential help can be found in person or by phone.

    • Call 1-800-318-2596 for confidential assistance 24/7, in English or Spanish.
    • Visit HealthCare.gov and CuidadoDeSalud.gov.
    • Free in-person help is also available in your community, visit https://localhelp.healthcare.gov/ to find a listing of enrollment centers and events in Tennessee.


HealthCare.gov Digital Press KitDownload b-roll, stock photos, and find recent data releases. Bookmark this page now and visit often. The page will be updated with new images and resources as we progress through Open Enrollment.


As we near the January 31st deadline, officials from HHS are available for print, radio and television interviews. To request an interview with an official from HHS, email press@cms.hhs.gov. 


To read today’s report and see state level tables visit: https://www.cms.gov/Newsroom/MediaReleaseDatabase/Fact-sheets/2017-Fact-Sheet-items/2017-01-10.html


To read the Council of Economic Advisors issue brief, “Understanding Recent Developments in the Individual Health Insurance Market,” visitthis link.


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