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This question is being raised because the flavor of the 2016 Presidential Campaign has caused a

large number of registered voters to question their choice, and some are wondering if they

should vote at all. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (the NAACP)

is urging all registered voters to vote. We Must Vote!

The chosen candidates for office at all levels, the President, U. S. Senate and U. S. Congress, as

well as those for state and local offices will impact the lives of each of us. The vote gives us a

voice in deciding who will be making critical and, in some cases, life changing decisions for us

and those we care about. So, even if we believe we are insulated or Teflon-coated to the extent

that we cannot be touched, we need to think again.

The President will be appointing cabinet level individuals that will be implementing laws and

carrying out policies that touch every American citizen. Wheather it is health care, minimum

wages, public education, agricultures, drinking water, law enforcement, justice reform or

highways and bridges, the results of the 2016 election will be front and center in our lives.

So, it is important for each of us to consider what candidates have said and done and then vote

for the one that best represents what we value most. We must not only vote our interest, but

we must consider what is important to our families, friends, neighbors and the generations to

come. Dropping out is simply not an option. Go Vote!

Monroe Woods, Civic Engagement Coordinator


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Muffins for Moms