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JEA Crews Help with Hurricane Matthew

JEA Crews Help with Hurricane Matthew

New Smyrna Beach Florida:


Crews from the Jackson Energy Authority, Lakeland, FL, Lafayette, LA, Tallahassee, FL, Cleveland, TN and Riviera and Dothan, AL are working power restoration in New Smyrna Beach, FL following the damage brought by Hurricane Matthew.


As of Sunday, October 9th, reported power restoration was 75% complete, including restoration of the West Canal/North Causeway/Flagler Avenue/Central Beachside line that serves a key commercial area of New Smyrna Beach.


Power has been restored to all nine local schools, including Volusia County Schools, local charter schools and the New Smyrna Beach campus of Daytona State College.


Service to the Ocean View Nursing Home was restored, but work continues to being full power restoration to Volusia County Hospital.


Current projection is that 90% power restoration for New Smyrna Beach will be reached by Wednesday.


New Smyrna Beach, FL is a coastal city of approximately 24,000 located South of Daytona Beach.


Damage in the area was widespread with extensive outages all along the coast.


There are twenty crews from the above listed communities working with the local crews in New Smyrna Beach.  The crews stay at an inland hotel, with their work running from 5 a.m. till 10 p.m. each day.


The Jackson Energy Authority crews are expected home later this week.


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